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MIDI Lab: Funky Jazz Cuts

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GBP 12.95

17.94MB ZIP File

Jazzy, funky and bluesy are all terms which describe perfectly this top end pack of MIDI Construction Kits by Smash Up The Studio. Seriously high level keyboard performances all played live, excellent musical arrangements, gorgeous chord progressions and soloing.

"Funky Jazz Cuts" is the latest addition to Smash Up The Studio's "MIDI Lab" range of products. A range that has already pushed the boundaries of musical MIDI far higher than any of its competitors. This pack is no exception and contains probably the most skilled keyboard work and musical arrangements available as MIDI today.

"Funky Jazz Cuts" consists of 3 tracks / songs, each broken down into separate instrument loops. All parts were performed live, nothing copied and pasted or looped. As a result of this you end up with many different musical variations for each instrument. The tracks also incorporate different musical sections including bridges, mid sections, drops and solo's etc, each covering many chord progressions. All 3 kits have been chopped into mainly 8 or 16 bar MIDI loops so the user can arrange the tracks completely to their own requirements. Some may wish to pick out a few cool chords and build their own groove, others may wish to re-create our tracks in their entirety, this is completely down to the individual and we have included a reference MP3 for each kit.

There are MIDI loops for bass guitar, electric piano, clavinet, organ, synthesiser, vibes, flute and also professionally arranged strings and horns. Each kit is key and tempo labelled, although with MIDI the editing permutations are endless, you get to choose your own sound, pick the tempo or key, even change the notation and groove if you wish. Fantastic! All of the musical parts you hear in our demos are available as MIDI within the pack. The drums are not included.


3 MIDI Construction Kits. 169 MIDI loops in total.

Total Pack Size: 20.7 MB (unzipped)

Please Note: Smash Up The Studio MIDI packs only contain MIDI instrument and keyboard loops. They do not contain audio samples or drum loops in any format.

Royalty Free

Produced by Steve Burton.

Smash Up The Studio 2013