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GBP 19.95

Electro Funk: Key Loops

Classic 80's Electro Funk keyboard loops performed on vintage analogue synthesizers.

GBP 19.95

Electro Funk 80s Style

A classic collection of samples and MIDI in true 80s style. Funky analogue synth hooks, grooving bass lines, great chord progressions, drum samples, vocoder hooks, FX and more. A versatile tool for creating sounds from the 80s and beyond.

GBP 19.95

80's Electro: Analog Synth Loops

Incredibly authentic 80's electro synth loops!

GBP 29.95

Ultimate RnB Piano Collection

These fantastic chord progressions will give your tracks a higher level of quality and sophistication.Perfect for producers of soulful RnB, modern RnB, HipHop and Pop.

GBP 19.95

RnB Chart Toppers

Take the charts by storm with this brand new collection of cutting edge RnB construction kits from Smash Up The Studio.

GBP 9.95

80's Electro: MIDI Version

A superb collection of electronic MIDI keyboard loops straight from the 1980's.

GBP 19.95

Soul Machine: Audio Version

Smash Up The Studio presents "Soul Machine: Audio Version " An extremely authentic collection of Soul and RnB loops in classic 1980's style.

GBP 19.95

Cool Keys RnB2

Super cool RnB keyboard loops, fantastic quality and highly authentic.

GBP 19.95

Club Grooves: Urban Piano

Superior quality piano loops from Smash Up The Studio.

GBP 19.95

Cool Keys RnB

This is the definitive collection of RnB keyboard loops.Ultra cool and contemporary, these riffs are the real deal!

GBP 14.95

Arpeggios & Sequences

Mind bending and psychedelic arpeggiated grooves and sequences from Smash Up The Studio.From hard "bit crushed" rhythmic pulses to beautiful melodic patterns. Dark deeper moods anduplifting anthemic flavours abound in this versatile collection.

GBP 9.95

Club Grooves: Urban Guitars

Inject some real sounds into your music with this cool selection of electric guitar loops from Smash Up The Studio.

GBP 19.95

Chilled Out Grooves: Electric Piano Downtempo

Chilled Out Grooves Volume 1 Down-Tempo is a mouth watering selection ofambient flavors for electric piano.

GBP 19.95

Chilled Out Grooves: Electric Piano Uptempo

Super slick, laid back electric piano riffs, perfect for watching the sun come up.

GBP 19.95

Club Grooves: Electric Piano1

An inspiring selection of original chord progressions for electric piano.